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About Us


Our Colors

Our rainbow of colors cover all major sports teams and schools, not to mention quite a few fashion colors from pink to teal blue.

Our Wools

We use the finest blend of wool and nylon to insure years of wear and tear; featuring an 80% blend of wool with 20% nylon. The wieght is 24-26 ounces and is both colorfast and drycleanable.

Our Leathers

We choose only the best leather hides available. Hand selected top-grain genuine cowhide leather. Our leathers are drycleanble and will endure years of wear and tear.

Our Knit Trims

Featuring 100% 'heavy-duty' acrylic yarns dyed to match our many colors of wools and leathers. Our knits are colorfast and drycleanable.

Our Inside Linings

Wether it's a lightweight or heavier quilt lining we use a 100% polyester nylon tafetta. Our quilt linings feature a 100% polyfill for warmth.

Our Snaps

Heavy-duty and made of steel. Every snap is enamel painted to match our clothes.

Our Zippers

We use top qulity YKK zippers to compliment the durabilty of our clothes.


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